Berne reveals his card: “Continue this until the end of February”

Bern – It was (long) awaited and has arrived. The Federal Council makes its proposal to limit the increase in coronovirus infections in Switzerland: keep restaurants and facilities closed for culture, leisure and sports until the end of February. The purpose of the press conference convened at 2 pm is to inform the population.

«The situation is not right, on the contrary, it is bad I would say – began Ellen Berset -. The figures do not go down. Fertility rates are increasing. The death rate is very high. Nations around us are closing. This international development is important. The news is not positive ».

“Cantonese, you come forward” – On the epidemic front, the situation in our country remains tense. In an extraordinary session this morning, the Federal Council discussed the extension of the measures currently in force for five weeks after 22 January. “We already know that on January 23rd we could not deliver good news,” Berset stated unequivocally. But the final decision will come after consultation with the Cantons on 13 January. In fact, the Cantons are meanwhile being asked to express their opinions on a series of possible exaggerations.

Cantonment Consultation – The Federal Council will submit to Kenton for consultation with a series of potential tangles that will enable them to react quickly if necessary. The measures envisaged include the compulsion of telework, closure of shops, greater limits of ceremonies and private events, protection of people at special risk and further measures in the workplace. If the situation requires further action, the camps also need to consider what measures can be taken for compulsory education.

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Stop the exceptions, we are all the same – But “exceptions” are envisaged for areas with favorable epidemiological development, which may be easy to abort. From 9 January (and until 22), facilities for restaurants and culture, leisure and sports must therefore remain closed throughout Switzerland.

Seven days for decision making with consultation process – Fear is for the duration of the post holiday. In fact, the number of people tested declined. In addition, concern for “English variants” and “South African variants” is already found in Switzerland. But what matters most is the pressure on hospitals. In seven days, the Federal Council will take a final decision on further measures to reduce the duration and economic consequences of the measures.

“We should avoid the third wave” – «We are now in the most difficult phase of the marathon, but we cannot skip the race – Burset. The population is fed up, tired. There are families in mourning. Many sectors were financially affected. We understand that it is hopeless and difficult. But we must try to find the best way, show solidarity with everyone, including restaurants, culture, sports, free time ». The Federal Counselor recalls the beginning of 2020: «What China was doing was a lesson for us. The same is now true with Britain, which was very transparent with its position in December. We should take this opportunity to avoid the third wave.

Vaccination – “The situation has surprised me a little over the last few days, I’m a little thrilled – Berset -. We’ve been talking about it since March 2020. Already in November we told the cantons to organize themselves. We Has reserved more than 15 million doses. In the beginning of January we left, it went faster than expected. The dose will increase, we already have half a million for January, one million in February. The dose will give us. Will allow the entire Swiss adult population to be vaccinated in a few months. That’s good news. We already have 230,000 doses in circulation. By summer we have doses available to vaccinate all Swiss populations (who want it) Will be.

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Point of position – “Where are we today, after the holidays?” – asks Berset, who promptly answers -. We do not know. The number of tampons has declined and the figures have not been “updated” even after the holidays. We have good news of the launch of the vaccine campaign, but we have bad news of a new version. And we cannot rule out a third wave. Continue to follow measures and get tested. On some symptoms. Make tampons. We have to find a way to prevent the situation from worsening ».

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