BeoSound Explore: Bluetooth Speaker for Backpackers

Bang & Olufsen, known for its very designer and expensive audio products, also has a number of more affordable portable Bluetooth speakers in its catalog. The manufacturer has just launched its latest model, Beausound Xplore.

B&O realized that after being locked in the house for more than a year, people would like to get out and enjoy the outdoors, as restrictions have been relaxed. The manufacturer has launched a new portable speaker, the BeoSound Xplore, which is not afraid of anything: IP67 certified, it is waterproof and it will resist dust.

An enclosure for difficult weather

Designed around a cylindrical aluminum frame, the speaker has also received a special treatment to resist scratches. So you can carry it with you in your backpack for camping or hiking without fear of its design. On the sound side, the BeoSound Xplore includes two 1.8-inch drivers optimized for external performance.

These components allow the bass to hold a power of 59 decibels, for a sound that spreads 360 degrees. There are various common controls (volume, play / pause, ignition and Bluetooth pairing) at the top of the cylinder. Like many speakers in this category, it is possible to combine two models to achieve full stereo sound.

B&O has also noted autonomy: the BeoSound Explore battery gives it 27 hours of playback in normal listening conditions (70 decibels). We note the presence of Bluetooth 5.2, which is still quite rare in the region. The speaker also ensures quick pairing with devices from Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The product is now available in its black version for € 199. We will have to wait until this summer for the Green model.

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