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election day of New President of International Automobile Federation Arrived: Two candidates for succession to Jean Todt (who held office from 2009 to 2021) are Emir of Dubai Mohamed Ben Sulayem and english lawyer Graham Stoker. Mohamed Ben Sulayem, 60, has a long career in rally and motor racing politics behind him. He is one of the most successful Arab drivers, having managed 12 victories in the Jordan Rally. In 2008, he joined the Vice Presidents of the FIA ​​and members of the World Motorsport Council. Already among potential candidates for federal presidency in 2013, Sulayem was a staunch supporter of Max Mosley and supported Todd’s campaign in 2009 and would have many votes from the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. In the event of an election, Fabiana Ecclestone – Bernie’s wife – would join his government team as Vice President of South America. Graham Stoker, the 69-year-old leading lawyer expert in sport, international, government and environmental law, will represent the perfect line of continuation after Jean Todt’s twelve years at the helm of the FIA. Stoker joined the Federation at the Court of Appeal in 2001, before becoming a member of the FIA ​​World Council in 2004 – as a representative of the United Kingdom. Appointed as executive vice president of the FIA ​​in 2009, earning two more mandates in the same role in 2013 and 2017, he was Todd’s right-hand man throughout his career at the helm of the Federation. The British have the support of Italy, Germany, Spain and France, Britain is not sure. The leading face of his final government team will be Tom Christensen as deputy.

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as explained by Corriere dello Sport: ,Both have very distant visions: While Stoker has set goals for change within the current framework, Ben Sulayem wants to structure the FIA ​​as a company by hiring a CEO.“. Corriere della Sera explained in more detail the controversy, which was judged “Uncertain and not very exciting”, “The British representative, who knows Stoker well, is ready to support Ben Sulayem, who is known to have dismantled F1 Renault during a show in 2009. In short, Two figures who are anything but revolutionary, bearers of an old culture in absolute peril. It is unlikely that they will be able to modernize an entire structure, dedicated to Formula 1, at the beginning of a new technical phase that, according to tradition, will lead to discussion and doubts over the solutions applicable to the 2022 single-seater. ,

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