Ben Shephard shuts down ‘smug’ contestant on Tipping Point who used ‘unfair tactic’

Ben Shephard shuts down 'smug' contestant on Tipping Point who used 'unfair tactic'

Tipping Point fans weren’t happy with the ‘unfair tactics’ one contestant..

There was rejoicing though when the ITV game show’s host Ben Shephard ‘shut him down’ as viewers took delight in the “smug” contestant’s fail.

The player in question, Steve, looked to dodge questions and managed to eliminate another in the process.

He decided to “pass” on a number of the questions, which meant that his rival Jean was left to answer them instead.

The tactic didn’t go unnoticed by Ben, who called him out for his repeated passing of anything being asked of him.

He sarcastically suggested that he was being “generous” to his fellow contestant by deciding to ‘dodge’ as many questions asked to him as possible.

Ben levelled at him: “He’s being very generous Jean, passing to you a lot.”

Jean was not seeing the funny side of it and hit back saying: “Is that generous?”

With barely any cash in her kitty after the quickfire round, Jean was soon knocked out of the competition leaving viewers at home to reach for social media to share their anger at what they had just watched.

Ben Shephard on Tipping Point

The declining to answer questions was not lost on viewers, who were quick to have enough of it and took to Twitter to share their grievances.

One angry watcher pointed out: “Passing to Jean again! #tippingpoint”

Another wrote: “Steve only passing so he can smugly answer more questions #tippingpoint.”

A third joined in, tweeting: “Steve = smug.”

It wasn’t to last long for Steve as after Jean was eliminated it left him up against Michael and he managed to beat him by just £50.

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Ben consoled the loser, telling him: “Hard luck Steve, that means Michael is our winner.”

Michael had host Ben in stitches when he said that he would be using a big jackpot to fund a break in the United States, on which his girlfriend could join him if she “behaves herself.”

*Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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