Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom … Can we go there or come back during imprisonment?

Are you thinking about going on vacation or spending a weekend abroad, in Europe or even beyond? To tell you the color, Bison Future will say orange-red in the direction of departure and green in the direction of return. Indeed, from 3 April 2021, and Kovid-19 entered on the strength of reinforced measures to deal with the epidemic, “For a country in the European region, leaving French territory should be justified for a compelling reason.And the special conditions depend on whether you want to travel to Switzerland, Belgium or the United Kingdom.

4 I wanted to go to Belgium for a week, I don’t know how to get there … (Sandy, लेle-de-France) / I booked accommodation for 10 days in Switzerland by AirBnB. Can i get there (Caroline, Brittany)

These are the two questions that are a little foggy air, just relax from home for a few days. Sorry to tell you, but it would be better to postpone this project later. Certainly, “European territories have internal borders open“, But as the government indicated on its website, tourist migrations are prohibited until early May. Currently, tourism is not part of the list of accepted reasons for moving to another country.
Sandy lives in Ile-de-France and wants to spend the weekend in Belgium. Without a compelling professional or family reason, this would not be possible because she does not live within a 30-kilometer radius of the Franco-Belgian border.

PDF document explaining the entry requirements for Switzerland

Caroline, can she go to Switzerland? A priority, it is not … Apparently, the Swiss Federal Council does not explicitly mention a ban on the entry of tourists into its territory. However, with some provisions in force, your stay may be unpleasant. For Swiss authorities, it all depends on the country and region from which you are arriving. The Federal Office of Public Health has prepared a list “Kovid-19 in high risk states and territories of infection“. Caroline is aware that the Bronky area is one of them.
Clearly, to enter Switzerland, you must fill out an admit card and declare yourself in front of the cantonment authorities, present a negative test, and above all, put yourself in quarantine.. Unless you can justify a business trip or for important medical reasons, that cannot be postponed. Holiday housing can be chosen to be spent on your quarantine, with a duration of 10 days set. “Anyone who escapes the obligation to be in quarantine attempts to violate the law on the epidemic and can be punished with fines of up to 10,000 Swiss francs.“, Warned Swiss officials.

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4 I am from Belgium, who has been in a relationship with a French woman living in Paris for many years. We are neither married nor in civil partnership. Can i go see him (AJ, Belgium) / Hello, can I go to see my partner living in France in Lille? I live 30 km from her house, near the border. If yes, what certificate do I need to make? (Chloe, Belgium)

International travel, regardless of destination, is permitted only in the event of a mandatory personal or business requirement.“, We can read on the French Foreign Ministry site. The only exemption concerns residents of the border, who can roam around their home within a radius of 30 km.

Chloe and AJ, who live in Belgium, do not meet the same criteria. AJ crosses the 30-kilometer border, as he seeks to find his partner in Paris. “The compelling reason rules do not apply to French citizens and their children’s spouses.“, Point to the French authorities. AJ is neither married, nor in civil partnership, and having failed to prove an emergency, he cannot therefore come to visit his partner.
Chloe must be able to prove that she actually lives in the “border area”, within a radius of 30 km around her house, to be in her possession The negative result of the PCR test is reduced to 72 hours before departure, unless it makes a round trip during the day.

Oath verification model

Depending on the means used to travel, an oath statement may also be required, which specifies “Were not in contact with a sick person in the 14 days prior to his departure“This certificate is required when traveling by airplane and boat. However, it is not intended to cross the border created by train or car.

4 My daughter is in the hospital, can I visit her? She lives in Switzerland. (Faria Lucia, Ile-de-France) / My mother underwent cancer surgery, she is back home. She lives in Switzerland, a few kilometers from the border. Can i help her I live in Ilazach, 25 km from his house. What to tick (Hike, grand est)

These two questions are obviously not a journey of happiness. As noted above, Switzerland allows it to cross its border with France under certain conditions. Heike, who lives in the Grand-Est area, who lives less than 30 kilometers from her mother, who lives in Switzerland, can meet and support her. Taking care of a loved one, who is ill, and therefore in a vulnerable state, is considered as the purpose of a suppressed family. There is no need to fill the admit card for the Helvetian country, nor a negative PCR test. Box 3 of the Extraordinary Travel Certificate should be checked, “To help the vulnerable, travel to understand family causes“, Bring proof of address and follow some rules of cleanliness and conduct that are customary in Switzerland.

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Faria Lucia planned to visit her hospitalized daughter in Switzerland. This can be understood as a forced family reason, except that Faria’s daughter is cared for because of her hospitalization. In this case it is better to be able to justify a critical situation to be able to see it. But above all, be aware that लेle-de-France is currently one of nine French territories on the famous Swiss list of states and territories at high risk of Kovid infection (updated almost every week). In other words, to go to Switzerland you will need to fill out an admit card, declare yourself to the cantonal authorities, submit a negative PCR test, and above all, 10 days before getting in touch with someone. Will have to be kept in quarantine.

4Hello i’m spanish I came to Madrid in late March, before new travel restrictions were imposed. I would like to return to my main residence in Ardashe on 28 April. I would like to know if this is possible and under what conditions? (Marie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) / In Villageosa, in Spain, I want to go back to Borg-en-Berse in Ain on Sunday, April 18, is my return possible? (Colemard, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

For Colmard and Aurélien, if they are of French nationality, there is no restriction on returning to the country. Nor does it require a compelling reason to return home. Mary, who is Spanish, should have no problem either, reaching her main residence in Ardashe. The only obstacle for all: “Like all passengers aged 11 and above coming from any foreign country, the PCR test was reduced to less than 72 before departure“, As determined on the site of the French government.
If you want to return to France by plane or boat, you will also need “Prove on their honor that they have no symptoms of Kovid-19, that they are not in contact with any sick person in 14 daysThis certificate is not required if you are traveling by road and rail. You will not be subjected to a period of separation upon arrival.

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However, pay attention to traffic regulations and curfew time, currently in force in Spain and France. On the French side, travel is prohibited from 7 pm to 6 am. Prove your address proof, and any other documents you were traveling with.

4 I need to go to Tanzania to sign a rental agreement and hand over the keys to my house. Is this a compelling reason to go there? I am the owner and in possession of the deed papers. (Winde / Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

Any country outside the European Union is prohibited from exiting our territory, unless there is a big reason. It can be health, family or professional. It may also worry about returning to residence or country of origin (without guarantee of return to French territory, unless there is a compelling reason).“, Point to the French authorities.
Is signing a rental contract and handing over the keys a compelling reason? Windy’s question is not the answer if we believe it “Indicative list of reasons justifying travel between the region of France and the country or region belonging to the European region.

Due to travel abroad

Afraid of the British version? We have not received any questions regarding the United Kingdom, from which it is possible to travel. “As of 12:00 pm on March 15, 2021, all travel to / from Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Singapore, no longer subject to the production of a compelling motive“, Indicates on its site that Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But under a few lines, it is recalled that a 10-kilometer limit remains for any trip in France. Results:”International travel, whatever the destination, is therefore authorized only in case of urgent or professional necessity“.

However, keep in mind that the state of health wants to improve in England. Since April 12, non-essential businesses have been able to reopen their doors, with cinema screenings and outdoor concerts also authorized once again (see list of changes here in English).

To enter England and Scotland, it is mandatory to submit a negative test of less than 72 hours. “This can be a PCR test or an antigen test, provided that a specific range of 97% and sensitivity of 80% is respected.“, Point to the authorities. For this, you have to add 10 days of quarantine.

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