Belgium bans entry into its territory for travelers from India, Brazil and South Africa

During an electronic consultation committee, the authorities decided to temporarily close their doors to travelers from India, Brazil and South Africa, given the prevalence of the viral variant of the coronavirus in these countries.

LeeBelgium on Tuesday decided to temporarily close its doors to travelers from India, Brazil and South Africa because of the prevalence of the viral variant of the coronavirus in these countries. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden will issue a ministerial decree to this effect as soon as possible.

The ban covers the transportation of passengers from these three countries by plane, train, boat and bus, including transit.

Only a very limited number of essential movements will still be authorized, namely:

– business travel for transport workers and sailors;

– Travel by diplomats, employees belonging to international organizations and persons invited by international organizations whose physical presence is necessary in the exercise of their functions for the proper functioning of these organizations. Authorized visits are possible only upon presentation of a certificate issued by the employer and a certificate issued by a Belgian diplomatic or consular post if it is proved that travel is necessary.

Strict testing and quarantine rules

People of Belgian nationality, as well as those whose main residence is in Belgium, may return to Belgium from India, Brazil and South Africa. However, they are strongly advised not to travel to these countries.

Screening and screening rules for non-residents of Belgium who travel from India to our country and stay there for less than 48 hours, or if a Belgian citizen has been in India for less than 48 hours Except quarantine will no longer happen. applicable. The same strict rules already apply to South America, South Africa and the UK.

high priority

Controlling authorities are requested to give top priority to the control of persons coming from the respective countries, both with respect to the obligation and compliance of filling the PLF (eg control at airports and major stations) with respect to mandatory screening tests and quarantine.

The federal government is closely monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation. Further consultations are planned especially at the EU level with neighboring countries, with a view to achieving a coordinated approach.

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