Belgian Prince defends slave trader King Leopold II: “Parks built”

In a jaw-dropping interview, King Philippe’s brother, Belgian Prince Laurent tried to defend his colonial grandfather, King Leopold II, who made Congo a slave – his sculptures were destroyed and defaced.

“He never went to Congo – so I can’t see how he can suffer people there,” Laurent told Sudpresse agency.

“You should see what the Prince of Milking Prince is doing for Belgium,” added the voice, According to Telegram. He built parks and many other things in Brussels. “

During Leopold’s 23-year Congo administration, which ended mercifully in 1908, millions of Congo died during forced labor after being sent to rubber plantations to work for the Belgian safe.

Recognized by historians as a brutal robber baron, King Leopold was eventually forced out of Congo for his brutality.

Joseph Conrad wrote his 1902 horror novel “The Heart of Darkness” based on Congo during Leopold’s rule, and revealed the brutality committed. Six years after Conrad’s book was published and an international stalemate about abuse, King Leopold was forcibly removed from Congo.

“We have to admit that this is a problem in certain directions,” Joachim Coens, head of the Flemish Christian Democrats, told publisher VRT. Coens suggested that the King himself comment on the mistakes of his grandfather.

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