Belfort. Lizzie Folereau receives visit from Secretary of State to talk about science

The last school in the area visited by Nathalie Elimas this Monday was Lizzie Folereau. The Secretary of State in charge of Priority Education intervened at Belfort High School to discuss a system that has been established since the beginning of the year at this establishment, located in the Priority Education Network (REP).

Science Po. helping students prepare for

Since the beginning of this year, the Lizzie Follereau has signed a priority education agreement with the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Science Po). “It aims to offer students interested in integrating Science Po Paris to prepare for the competition with teachers,” explains Dominique Balon, the school’s principal.

Science Po has always fascinated me and when I got the chance to attend this workshop, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Benoit, high school student

For Nathalie Elimas, “it’s also a way to show all students, regardless of where they come from, that they can join a major school like Science Po Paris”.

competition training

For one hour each week, ten students will be helped to deepen their knowledge and skills by teachers of French, History-Geography, Economic and Social Sciences, and English. .

Explore other topics

On the student side, profiles differ from those who want to join the prestigious school, such as Benoit: “Sciences Po has always interested me and when I saw the opportunity to attend this workshop, I did not hesitate. Happened. One second.”

For others, it is a means of exploring subjects other than those taught in the orientation they choose. “Taking an interest in many things is always an added value,” the Secretary of State recalled.

Balance Sheet at the end of the year

As for teachers, we are also delighted with the arrival of such a tool within the establishment for high school students: ‚ÄúSome of them do not represent the public with the intention of going to Science Po, so students for this high Support is a challenge. level requirement. “

See you at the end of the year to find out if the system has paid off and whether any students will join the Science PO Paris.

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