Being proficient with tools improves language comprehension

Inserm researchers just confirmed this: There is a link between the use of tools and the ability to understand the syntax of some complex sentences.

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Researchers have just confirmed that tinkering can improve our grammar skills Using medical imaging techniques. He asked volunteers to handle small parts using pliers, then asked them to do some grammar. As a result, similar circuits in the brain are activated in an area called the basal ganglia. For the brain, then, it’s almost the same thing to put pieces together with an instrument or to analyze the order of words in a sentence.

In their study, these researchers, Claudio Brozzoli and Simon Thibault, They have gone even further: they have been successful in demonstrating that one can improve their performance in syntax by doing manual exercises. They asked a group of adults to try putting different pawns on a tablet with holes at different angles, using pliers, for 30 minutes. Then, the volunteers had to answer a written comprehension test with sentences of more or less complex structure. As a result, participants who did manual work performed better on the reading test than those who did nothing. Or whoever saw the video. And the reverse is also true. After practicing grammar comprehension, participants were more adept at inserting pawns into the holes in the tablet.

The authors of this work, Claudio Brozzoli and Simon Thibault, believe that it can work with other tools from the time when the gesture needs to be handled properly: for example the use of knitting needles, a screwdriver. Punching parts with or similar use of chopsticks for eating.

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What could be the practical applications of this discovery? The tests pertain to adults and should be repeated with children. But researchers say that manual work exercises can help people who are angry with grammar. It also opens avenues for rehabilitation techniques after stroke. And it remains to be verified, perhaps the handyman has a greater ability to learn a foreign language.

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