Beijing to issue visas to some foreigners vaccinated with Chinese product

China is on the verge of easing entry restrictions in its territory for citizens of some countries, including the United States, provided they receive a Chinese vaccine.

To protect against the resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic, Chinese borders have been closed for a year to the majority of foreigners. China, where Kovid-19 appeared in late 2019, has since eradicated the epidemic on its territory.

The Chinese embassy in the United States announced in a statement on Monday that it would begin processing visa applications from “applicants who have received the Chinese vaccine against Kovid-19” … although no Chinese product has yet been published in the United States. Is not available in .

This reintegration of the process applies to “humanitarian reasons” such as work visas, business trips and “separated families”.

According to the press release, the process concerns applicants who have received two doses of the vaccine or only one at least 14 days prior to the visa application.

Three weeks of quarantine will be compulsory after their arrival on ceramic.

Chinese embassies in several countries, including India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Italy and Sri Lanka, have issued similar statements.

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But there is no Chinese vaccine available in some of the countries where the procedure is offered, such as India or Italy, which limits the scope of the Chinese declaration.

France is not affected by this relaxation of restrictions.

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Beijing is intensifying its vaccination campaign for its population with four authorized local vaccines, but no foreign vaccine has yet been approved by Chinese authorities.

China has exported its vaccines extensively abroad to ease international criticism of dealing with the health crisis at the onset of the epidemic.

According to Chinese media, Chinese vaccines have been dispatched to dozens of countries including Turkey, Indonesia and Cambodia and Beijing still expects to export around 400 million doses.

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