Beijing Becomes World’s Most Billionaire City For The First Time

With 33 billionaires more in a year, the Chinese capital now has 100 ultra-rich and passes through New York. A quarter of the world’s billionaires live in just 10 cities.

A symbolic handing but which reflects the growing power of the Chinese economy. According to Forbes, Beijing has overtaken New York in the world ranking of cities with the most billionaires in dollars among its residents.

With 33 new billionaires a year, the Chinese capital is home to 100 billionaires. Accumulated, his legacy is $ 484 billion. With $ 35.6 billion, founder of social network Tickcock, Zhang Yiming is the richest bezinger. The city of Beijing alone has more than two billionaires across France as 42 billion (42 in the latest Forbes ranking).

And if Beijing ranks first in the rankings, the rise of the Chinese economy is reflected in the country’s ubiquity in the top 10. China has four cities (five with Hong Kong) ahead of the United States, which are not counted. Only two (New York and San Francisco). China has been less affected by the Kovid crisis and 2020 saw a spurt in its technology companies and stock markets. China won a record 210 additional billionaires in 2021, making its total number of 49 additional (including Hong Kong and Macau)

Going back to London, coming to Bombay, leaving Paris

New York, ranked first in this ranking, is therefore ranked second this year. If the American city has won seven new billionaires, its total number is 99, which is less than the Chinese capital. But the cumulative fortune of New York billionaires remains higher than that of Beijingers ($ 560 billion in 2021).

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Only one European city is part of this top 10. This is London, which ranked first in the rankings in 2014 and has since fallen. Finally, notice the arrival of Bombay, which is the first Indian city to enter there.

Paris is not included in this ranking. The French capital, which took 14th place in 2017 with 29 billionaires, has since left. If France has more billionaires, including the third world fortune Bernard Arnault (a $ 150 billion inheritance by Forbes), some live abroad such as the Wartheimer brothers (the channel’s owners) in New York and Geneva. The French capital in particular is less attracted to the planet’s ultra-rich for its main residence. Even if the city is one of the highest millionaires in the world.

Top 10 cities with the most billionaires:

1. Beijing (China): 100 billionaire

2. New York (United States): 99 Billionaires

3. Hong Kong (China): 80 billionaires

4. Moscow (Russia): 79 billionaires

5. Shenzhen (China): 68 billionaire

6. Shanghai (China): 64 Billionaires

7. London (United Kingdom): 63 Billionaires

8. Bombay (India): 48 billionaires

9. San Francisco (United States): 48 Billionaires

10. Hangzhou (China): 47 billionaire

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