Beijing bans nine celebrities and four British entities

The Chinese government announced on Friday (26 March) that it would take sanctions against nine British celebrities, including high-ranking MPs as well as four units. “To spread lies” About human rights in Xinjiang.

These sanctions follow simultaneous sanctions raised by the European Union and several countries (United Kingdom, United States, Canada) against Chinese authorities taking charges against Uygar Muslims in this region of northwestern China. Beijing earlier this week announced similar sanctions against ten EU personalities, including members of the European Parliament, as well as four entities.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that in both cases, their families as well as their families have been banned from entering Chinese soil. His potential assets are frozen in China and there is a ban on Chinese citizens entering into business relations with him.

Institutions involved include the Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission (constituted Prime Minister Boris Johnson), as well as former party leader Ian Duncan Smith and MP Tom Tugendhat, who heads the commission. House of Commons Foreign Affairs.

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