Bees trained to use their sense of smell to detect Kovid-19

Dutch researchers have trained bees in just a few seconds to recognize Kovid-19 due to their sense of smell, which is highly developed like dogs, reports HuffingtonPost.

The virus triggers a metabolic change in the body, where It then emits a certain odor that can smell the bees.

Pavlov’s method

Researchers used Pavlov’s method: When bees were exposed to the virus with samples positive for Kovid-19, they were rewarded with sugar water.

The pests ended up associating sugar water with the smell of the virus so that, in the end, the bees popped out their tongues as soon as they detected a positive specimen.

According to Professor Wim van Poel, “There is no risk of bees from spreading the virus” Bees are not sensitive to this.

Dutch start-up InsectSense and research institute Wageningen Bioveterinary Research are behind the project.

This diagnostic system, nickname Ā«BeeSenseĀ», Kovid may allow less developed countries to screen better for the 19, HuffingtonPost explains.

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