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Sir David Clementi argued that many older people view the BBC as leftist, while many young people view its bias as right-wing. Senior Conservatives have repeatedly claimed risk to the left side of the BBC, and Boris Johnson has suggested he could decriminalize non-payment of license fees.

Addressing the Voice at the Audience and Spectators Autumn Conference on Prejudice, Sir David said: “There is a general tendency.

“We do a lot of neutrality surveys and they show that a quarter of our audience thinks we’re leaning to the left, and a little less – but still a considerable number – we think we’re leaning to the right.

“But the funny thing about it is that it’s very age-related.

“When you’re over 50, there are a significant number of people who are convinced that we all live in Islington and we all know what you know. They are sure about it.


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It is illegal to watch live TV in the UK without paying a BBC license fee of বিব 157.50 (Image: GETTY)

“But if you talk to a younger generation, they sometimes think we’re part of the organization and we’re leaning to the right.”

During his tenure, supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor leader repeatedly accused the corporation of being biased against him.

It is illegal to watch live TV in the UK without paying a BBC license fee of বিব 157.50.

Sir David has revealed that he was made public shortly after last year’s general election by a group of students who felt the BBC was biased to the right.

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Sir David Clementi is presiding over the BBC (Image: GETTY)

He said: “Six or seven young students came to me to mourn the BBC’s performance in the election, they said they were so biased towards the Conservatives, they couldn’t believe it.

“There is a big age-related problem with neutrality, and we take it seriously.

“We are very good for most of our output, however [new director-general] Tim Davy has made it one of his top priorities and we are doubling the neutrality. ”

Sir David claimed that the BBC could succeed as a Netflix-style subscription service, but suggested that it was not what the British people wanted.

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Sir David said some young people see the BBC as biased to the right (Image: GETTY)


Jeremy Corbyn is campaigning ahead of the 2019 general election (Image: GETTY)

UK Netflix users pay a standard fee of 8. 99.899 per month.

Sir David commented: “Those who promote – and many of them – the idea of ​​subscription services excludes these issues.

“They rarely deal with technical issues, they don’t explain how to pay for radio, they don’t engage with the commercial reality of subscription services, or they don’t point out what kind of issues to invest, programs and the public? Services that will be lost.

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“Their argument is largely ideological.”

Earlier this year, Defendant called on the BBC’s campaign team to de-minimize non-payment of license fees.

The group has attracted more than 98,000 followers on Twitter.

People caught watching unlicensed TV can be fined up to 1000 1,000 in addition to court costs, and face jail time if they fail to pay.

Shortly after the 2012 general election, the then BBC director general defended the corporation in an article in the Daily Telegraph.


“Around 2 million people in the UK came to the BBC website to find out about the election results” (Image: GETTY)

He said: “Nearly 2 million people in the UK came to know about the election results on the BBC website.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“But criticism came from around the political divide that showed me that we were doing our job fearlessly or favorably.”

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