Batman deleted scene dialogue gives old villain a new angle

Warning: Major spoilers await below for Batman.Batman Arriving in theaters last week with one of DC’s best openings, and with something completely different than those already seen on the big screen on The Dark Knight, there are some interesting additions to the character’s reprise by Matt Reeves and Robert Time is ahead Pattinson and Gotham City defends. In recent interviews, Matt Reeves talked about some deleted scenes from the film, one of particular interest because it featured “this character” who appears at the end of the film.

in the last moments of BatmanIn , Barry Keoghan is seen as a shadowy clown who lives in a cell next to Paul Dano’s imprisoned Riddler. While there is clearly a setup for the Joker to make an appearance somewhere in the future of this new dark Batman world, his comment that “everybody likes a throwback story” is a deleted scene between Batman and the Joker. It takes on a new meaning when added. in the mix.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, director Matt Reeves explained that a scene was originally supposed to occur when Batman visits the Riddler in Arkham, with the Joker appearing earlier in the film, and a dialogue in it. which set a story between enemies, suggesting that Batman has already defeated the Joker Prince of Gotham in his first year as the Dark Knight of the city. Revs said:

“Well, you know, the Invisible Prisoner is one of the characters he might have encountered in Year 1, and that’s how he ended up there. So there’s their relationship. One of the lines in that scene that isn’t, this The Invisible Prisoner tells him: “It’s our anniversary soon, right? And you realize they have a relationship that exists before this character, which is the character you think he is, before Let this character become this character. They haven’t announced themselves to be that character yet, but they have a relationship that begins very early, and … they connected with each other in a very specific way Huh. “


It’s nearly impossible to do the Batman franchise without the Joker, and Batman might just include the darkest iteration ever.

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Batman doesn’t reveal the Joker’s presence until after he’s told the story he wants to tell, and while we may or may not see Barry Keoghan in the role again, it certainly leaves us wondering. Reminds that he is hiding in the shadows. The deleted scenes also give a unique perspective to Robert Pattinson’s future struggle against Batman, as it may be the Joker who hasn’t met the Caped Crusader the first time around.

By now, the Joker iterations coming to the big screen in 1989 batman And the black knight Both faced their opponent only once. This time around, Matt Reeves lays the groundwork for Batman to take on a Joker who has a history with him, and it could take their rivalry to a whole new level.


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