Barry Cowan reacts to the green light given to Novak Djokovic to play at Wimbledon.

Tennis expert Barry Cowan is pleased to hear that Novak Djokovic will be cleared to compete at Wimbledon, while acknowledging that there is no tournament that does not require Djokovic.

On Tuesday, Wimbledon organizers confirmed that those who have not been vaccinated will have no problem entering the UK and participating in the championships. Six-time Wimbledon champion Djokovic is set to challenge for a fourth consecutive title in London.

“I think every tournament needs Djokovic, every tournament needs (Rafael) Nadal, every tournament needs (Roger) Federer, every tournament needs Serena Williams,” Cowan told Sky Sports. said.

“Hopefully we can have a great history at Wimbledon with these players. We’ve seen Novak play some amazing matches over the past and last year, what he regained was remarkable and he just isn’t tired enough “

Djokovic gets green signal to play at Wimbledon

“The requirements set by the government to enter the UK do not include compulsory vaccination, so are certainly encouraged, but will not require entry to compete in the championships this year,” Sally said. All England General Manager Bolton Club.

Last year Wimbledon imposed strict conditions on the participants and also reduced the number of spectators. This year it will not happen. “We intend to return to a normal championship this year.

So we do not intend to adequately implement the covid-19 measures we saw last year. “But we are certainly taking this issue into account where we should take further action as we continue to engage with DCMS, public health officials and other sports.

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But this means players will be able to return to any habitat of their choice. We will see crowds at full capacity for the duration of the event. And we are extremely pleased to welcome this great tennis family back to Wimbledon this year.”

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