Barley on rise and fall in world wheat production

World wheat production will increase while barley production will decrease.

During this year’s harvest, world wheat production is expected to increase and barley declines. According to FranceAgrimer’s estimate, the same pattern would be repeated at the level of the European Union.

World production of soft and durum wheat is expected to increase 2.1% to 790 mt, while world barley production will fall by 2.5% to 154 mt. At the European Union level, wheat production may increase by 10% to 137 mounts and below barley production. 2.2% to 54 Mt.

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Wheat consumption is expected to increase for both humans and animals in this growing season. According to Agrodigital, the difference between corn and straw grains will lead to straw. Regarding corn, planting intentions are 36.9 million hectares in the United States for the 2021–2022 campaign. This is slightly higher than the previous season, but far below expectations.

In Argentina, the corn crop is expected to reach 46 mounts according to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, representing a revision of more than one million tonnes from its latest estimates. These improved forecasts are the result of recent rainfall.

In Brazil, record figures for the corn crop, about 109 mounts and an increase of 6.2% compared to previous production. 24.5 mounts will be produced in the first crop, 82.6 mounts in the second crop and 1.8 mounts in the third crop.

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