Banijay France Recruits “Guess My Age” Producer Touco

Banijay acquired Tooko, the production banner behind the unscripted song “Guess My Age”, to cement their French position.

As part of this agreement, Tuco Baniz will be part of the France brand and will focus on core concepts for the French and international markets.

Led by Aurelian Lipianski and Mikel Moro, Tuco introduced popular French formats, such as Le Club des Invincibles, produced with Bunij’s air production. and Guess My Age which has so far traveled to 22 countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. Tuco has several beta game offerings in the UK, Italy and France.

Since its launch in 2015, the label has produced a wide array of shows that include gaming, entertainment and reality TV shows.

“Michael and I are proud to join Banijay, who has long recognized the importance of investing in the creation of the French format, and we are looking forward to using the group’s strength and sales force internationally to travel our ideas around the world. Hope to take advantage.” Libiansky said.

“Touco is a great addition to our French portfolio,” said French President François de Brugada.

De Brugada described Lipianski and Moro as “among the finest orchestration innovators in our country”. “Banij’s brands have long accomplished the impossible, and we have no doubt that with these two brands there is a new generation of success on the horizon,” he added.

Banij has a network of over 120 production labels. Banij Rights will act on behalf of the company to distribute its content.

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