Bandai Namco Quits One Piece Odyssey and “MH” Games

bandai namco probably reads us because the publisher just entered a new game name one piece and even two identical words that each begin with MH, which inevitably makes us think My Hero Academia.

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Of course, we’re not serious about pointing out the coincidence of our article from last Friday on our desires for a new game. one piece. And that’s good because if the information is just coming to the fore, thanks in part to Gematsu, filing names” one piece odyssey June 17 in Japan.

About “MHUI”« and “MHUR”, these brands are registered in Europe. So of course, we would expect A instead of U if it really is My Hero’s Academia. But we remind you that the latest console games that have adapted licenses at the moment are called My Hero: One’s Justice So we will maintain a certain continuity in the absence of continuity.

thanks for being moderately hyper

Unfortunately, it’s time to lower our expectations because filing a name doesn’t always result in a game going on. Or worse, it could be mobile games. But between two different names and recent releases My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, we hope at least one console will be part of the project lot.

In short, we believe that we still need to have some patience before Bandai Namco officially begins communication. and now that guilty gear attempt out, fingers crossed for a fighting game developed by Arc System Works for one of the two licenses, even though “Odyssey” one piece Seems less sticking to the title of the genre.

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