“Ban for at least 6 months”

whereas China One launched Mass screening with swab for around 2 million People, Hogcog Preparing for her admission Primo lock Since the onset of the epidemic Kovid. Looking at Europe, I The uk The toll of infection and victims remains heavy: they have been registered in the last 24 hours 40 thousand new positivesCompared to, 665 thousand swabs, e 1,400 dead. forNorthern Ireland Last week was the deadliest since the pandemic began, thanks to the spread of the English version that concerns everyone Europe. Its strong infectivity prompted Portugal With the exception of human nature for the repatriation of Portuguese and British citizens, stop flights with the United Kingdom from tomorrow. A decision announced by the Prime Minister Antonio Costa After EU leaders participate in a video conference on coordination of anti-Kovid measures, during which France Decided that the swab is mandatory in European territories to enter the national arena. whereas Belgium By 1 March, it has decided to ban non-essential travel in foreign travel. L ‘Hungary, Instead of approving it after being a promotional country, signed a purchase agreement “Large quantity” Russian Kovid Vaccine Artificial satellite, Which has not yet been evaluated by European health authorities.

Speech in a meeting with university students Paris-saclayFrench President, Emmanuel Macron, Stating that a medium-term forecast is provided over the next six months Until summer, It would not be possible to “come back to normality” and the French would have to “unify” a period that would be “characterized by viruses and” The restriction“.

In United States of america The number of infections and victims is the highest in the world. Then newly elected president Joe BidenPresenting his latest decrees, he announced Kovid will cause “more than 600,000 deaths” The country has suffered 420,000 since the onset of the epidemic.

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Hogcog – The city, which until now had always managed to control the spread of the virus with targeted closures and an effective tracking system, is now overwhelmed by a second wave of epidemics, 9,797 new cases and 166 registered deaths of Kovid, Based on data from Johns Hopkins University report. News announcement China morning post, According to which the block will start on Saturday 23 January and remain in force for at least two weeks: failure to follow the rules will be punished by sanctions.

China – Nearly a year after the blockade, the virus is again worrying China. Wuhan (23 January 2021): a. Bulk buffer cycle oIs organized in Dongcheng and Xicheng districts. Many Chinese broadcast on social networks Video online with long queues of hundreds of people For example, awaiting trial Wangfujing Road in Dongcheng. Beijing Has conducted checks on 1.71 million inhabitants so far Hoax – Who am I in Imprisonment – and about 1.23 million Suni, Are close to both the south and north-east airports of the capital respectively. Rajdhani, for its part, on Thursday recorded three new domestic broadcasts of Kovid-19, all in residential premises. Ronghui, In daxing. In addition, the Municipal Health Commission noted another asymptomatic infection and two imported infections.

France – Instead alert is at maximum France, Where the president Emmanuel Macron Announced Thursday evening during a meeting with EU leaders, Obligation of a molecular sample for all European citizens entering the country. The test must be completed 72 hours before departure, with the exception of the so-called required visits. In addition to the test, there is a seven-day quarantine and a second test to exit the quarantine.

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Northern Ireland – Transferred from EnglandNorthern Ireland One of the main outbreaks of Kovid contagion and death in the UK, fueled by a new and more sparse version of the infection that has been revealed at full capacity the handle From December Latest figures released today Belfast. to happen London And around, after more than two weeks ImprisonmentThere was a slow braking of the corners (despite the still very difficult situation in hospitals and healthcare systems, some buses were forced to be installed as additional super ambulances as a precaution), Northern Ireland Since the epidemic began last week, there were a record number of cases and a total of 156 additional deaths following similar records in the neighboring country. Republic of Ireland. The local government of Northern Ireland has already decided to expand it Imprisonment And that’s what is expected now Dublin.

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