Bahrain / Israel: Mutual Recognition Agreement for Kovid Vaccination

Bahrain and Israel have signed an agreement on the recognition of their anti-Kovid vaccination certificates to facilitate travel for their countrymen, with the two countries, which have recently normalized their relationship, some of the world’s best vaccination rates. While posting.

According to the German data collection site Statista, the Gulf Kingdom and the Hebrew State are among the most advanced countries in the vaccination of their populations.

“Bahrain and Israel reached an agreement today on mutual recognition of vaccination,” the Gulf nation’s news agency BNA announced Thursday evening.

This “world precedent”, according to the agency, was concluded after several weeks of negotiations between diplomats from the two states.

The agreement guarantees exemption from quarantine to those who have recognized Serra in both countries, the BNA said, without indicating the date of its entry.

The agency said that measures for those who have not received country-authorized vaccines will be taken during the “second phase” of the agreement’s implementation.

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabby Ashkenazi tweeted, “It will increase tourism, boost our economies and support our common fight against coronaviruses.”

In September 2020, Bahrain was the second Gulf country after the United Arab Emirates to sign an agreement to formalize the normalization of its relations, under the aegis of its Gulf partner, the United States.

According to official data, about five million Israelis have received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine under a medical data-sharing agreement between the Jewish state and the US pharmaceutical giant.

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After more than 500,000 people received two doses of various vaccines, nearly half of Bahrain’s residents have been vaccinated.

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