Bad weather, cold spell in Britain: London spectacle under snow in Scotland, -10 ° C in Scotland [FOTO e VIDEO]

Name Doing white London Today, Sunday 24 January. The British capital is affected by the Arctic cold wave, which is producing heavy snow. The night saw a drop in temperature in the capital -3 ° C, As well as in Manchester; -2 ° C In Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow. Temperatures across Britain dropped below freezing overnight, with the Scottish Highlands recording the lowest temperature -10 ° C. Beautiful images of London covered in white (see the photo of the sliding gallery above and the video at the bottom of the article).

Snowfall in London is expected to continue until this afternoon, but it should be dry and sunny tomorrow. However, the Meteorological Department has issued an alert for icy conditions with temperatures falling to + 4 ° C. Cold Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 are scheduled for January.

In areas of the country affected by Hurricane Christophe’s flooding, no more heavy rain is expected until Wednesday 27 January, but temperatures are expected to drop.

It’s snowing in London, snowflakes whiten the city [VIDEO]

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