Bad news for the French language, young Moroccans prefer English

A statement from the British Council said that according to a large report, “The Shift of English in Morocco” and which was published in conjunction with International English Language Day, most young Moroccans, aged 15 to 25, showed their appetite for English. Is expressed.

“More than two-thirds of young Moroccans are sure that, within the next 5 years, English will succeed in replacing French as the first foreign language in Morocco,” said the same source, specifying that 74% of them think The switch will benefit Morocco’s ambitions as an international trade and tourism hub.

In addition, 82% express positive views of English as a language and 65% consider English to be a very important language. The study shows that 62% think similarly to Arabic, while 47% barely consider French to be an important language.

“English is the language of the future,” an interviewee was quoted as saying in the statement. “Everyone is turning to the English language because of its dominance over the Internet,” said another.

At the same time, the British Council believes that English therefore acquires more and more land, with young people recognizing its value and importance in today’s world.

Answering a question about the languages ​​most important to learn, 40% of them indicated their preference for English, while only 10% mentioned French.

According to the study, English is considered to be slightly more important for learning the Arabic language (65% vs. 62% of the respondents respectively), given that youth are more inclined to recommend learning English. English instead of Arabic or French. They see English as an international language, but also science, business, the Internet, and the language of the future.

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Quoted in the statement, Tony Reilly, the national director of the British Council Morocco, indicated that “Morocco is a country endowed with a culture and a multilingual history both rich and diverse” “has not changed”. “Multilingualism is a large in a growing world.” Property. However, this survey underlines, a clear recognition, expressed by the new generation of Moroccans for the increasing importance of English as an international language, “he argued.

The British Council, Mr. Reilly said, will continue to support the Ministry of Education for its efforts in mainstreaming English learning in Morocco, but will also provide opportunities for young people to learn English through face-to-face and online learning programs.

Moroccan people who speak English tend to be the youngest and more educated in addition to having access to higher income levels. Online platforms and applications have become prime tools for learning English.

Although English is popular with all socio-economic strata, according to this study, those who speak the language are the youngest, better educated and higher-income. Schools, films and TV series are the main platforms where young Moroccans learn English, with an increasing preference for learning through the Internet, language applications and private language institutions.

Morocco’s “Netflix generation” uses English online, but also in the media, the study said, noting that the novel Coronavirus (Kovid-19) has opened up new possibilities for learning English. Young Moroccans want to follow the news in English.

The importance of English is increasing every day due to the Internet, but for films, music and television series, in addition to other media, believes the same source, given that English is the three main platforms for English learning schools (37 %), Films / television series (25%) and finally the Internet (17%).

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Many people are also learning English on social media platforms. Kovid-19 has given young Moroccans the opportunity to improve their English through online social interactions, but films and educational platforms – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Netflix are among the most popular channels. To stay informed about the most recent world events, English is often important.

One of the interviewees said, “Since we have been limited, I have discovered a lot of great programs in English, and I have set myself a goal to improve my English before the end of hygiene measures.”

For young Moroccans, the dominant language remains Arabic, spoken and understood by 69% of youth with a high degree of competence questioned as part of this survey. French and English stand at 34% and 30% respectively, with English gaining more ground every day.

Most participants believe that French and English are now beginning to exert equal influence in their daily lives, notes the British Council.

Young Moroccans believe that English could very well replace French in the next five years and thus become the first foreign language in Morocco. Young people are very favorable for the replacement of French by English. Better yet, they consider this replacement beneficial for themselves and the nation as a whole.

In addition, 85% expect the number of English-speaking young Moroccans to increase in the next ten years, while 57% expect the number to grow rapidly, while the number was only 23% in favor of the French.

English is synonymous with the future for young Moroccans. The vast majority (85%) of those polled expect English usage to increase in the coming years and 83% believe that English will give them access to better quality education that is stronger than internationally Is better recognized. Tourism in Morocco, but also to help find further work or study abroad. For their part, 79% believe that if English becomes Morocco’s second main language, it will support the country’s ambitions to become the international trade hub and gateway to Africa.

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The British Council is the UK’s organization for education and cultural relations. It builds bonds, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts, culture, education and the English language. MAPB 000000

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