Bad connection problem, players are asking for refund

Diablo 2 has been experiencing huge connection issues for a few days now, preventing players from logging into their online games. An issue that persists and which prompts some users to claim a refund.

Diablo 2 Resurrection was released on September 23 for PC and consoles. If the launch party was a bit complicated with many connection issues, everything was fine the following days. However, things have become more complicated since October 6. And the players are angry…

Indeed, it is on this day that Blizzard released a regular update primarily for the console versions (but also published on PC). Since then we have only messy connection problem. Depending on the time of day, it may not be possible to join an online game.

Diablo 2 is having major connection problems

You should know that Diablo 2 allows you to create characters either locally or online. In the second case, you can play with friends, but also alone (but on a remote server), and therefore this is the most commonly selected option in normal times. But with these connection concerns, It’s impossible to enjoy your character, Since it is online. The game also does not allow to transfer it to the local game. In short, Diablo 2 is just impossible when the server is down, and they are 50% of the time…

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Blizzard has repeatedly announced that the problem is solved, But he keeps coming back, causing some annoyance in the community. On Twitter, many people demand refunds with the hashtag #RefundD2R. Worryingly, the players in question already have a lot of hours and Blizzard is not planning to refund their money in this matter. Studio promises a quick fix for the server, but it’s long overdue.

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Blizzard and chaotic launches, it’s a long story. We all remember the disastrous farewell to Diablo 3 At the time, there was the famous error 37 that prevented players from enjoying their purchases (again, everything was online). The introduction of World of Warcraft has also often been complicated, although things have improved significantly with the latest expansion. You have to believe that some habits never go away.

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