Bad Attack: Racism in English Football: Prince William Turns On

Several incidents occurred over the weekend: Racist attacks on Black Premier League stars now called Prince William to the football house in England.

In his term as president of the National Union FA, the son of the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, especially from operators of social media platforms, asked for more determination in facing xenophobic humiliation.

Prince William said, “Racial abuse – whether it is on the field, in the stands or on social media – is disgusting and should be stopped immediately.”

Prince William calls online for results for hate speech

Number two for the throne of the United Kingdom continued: “We all have a responsibility to create an environment where such abuse is not tolerated and those who spread hatred and division hold them accountable for their actions This responsibility also extends to social media. Every effort should be made to protect players and all other users on social media from such racist abuse. Whenever possible, the online result of hate speech should be offline. . “

Casteism on the net: Players Association criticizes social media operators

Along with her statement, members of the royal family supported criticism from the Players Association of Social Media Operators PFA for their lack of commitment to prosecuting racist attacks on black professionals. The PFA recognized that the platforms lacked the will to combat racism.

The problem was again raised in public awareness over the weekend by xenophobic attacks against English international Marcus Rashford on social media Instagram. “I am a black man and I live with pride every day. No one and no comment can change this, “the star of record champion Manchester United faced humiliation.

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Prior to Rashford, his teammates Anthony Marshall and Axel Tunzebe as well as Resse James from Chelsea FC and Romain Serie from West Ham United were insulted on social media platforms last week.

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