Avod and The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Very Different According to Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently talked about thisApproved And his absence during the last show. Indeed, in an interview on IGN’s YouTube channel, Phil took the stage to explain the difference between The Elder Scrolls VI And the next obsidian game.

I think the games are very different. Maybe I have a little trouble saying this is our take on The Elder Scrolls, knowing just what Fiergus Urquhart and the Obsidian team have created. But when I think about our lineup of games, and basic fantasy RPG environments, I think Avved would be a great entry.

Phil Spencer

Clearly the Elder Scrolls

The games will be very different but the studio was inspired by the universe the Elder Scrolls. Somehow, all fantasy RPGs are inspired by each other, right? The universe offered by Bethesda is vast and offers a rich lore. Approved Will have a brand new IP.

I think Avave will be a simple fantasy based RPG. There are going to be a few distinct differences from what the Elder Scrolls has traditionally done. This obviously happens in the world of pillars and all that… I think it’ll be awesome when Avod comes out. Plus, I want to give them the time and resources to make it the most incredible game ever.

Phil Spencer

At the moment we still don’t know when it will come Approved. We Can Think Obsidian’s First Person RPG Will Be the First Around The Elder Scrolls VI. Indeed, Todd Howard recently admitted that the next TES would not arrive for a few years. Especially since Bethesda will have to release a certain RPG in space first, aptly named starfield.

So, if you also like best in-studio humor Outside worldAren’t you eager to discover this futuristic RPG?

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