Authorities say more youths in South are testing positive for coronavirus

Authorities say more youths in South are testing positive for coronavirus

Changes in demographics have been recorded in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and some of the other states – many of these were the first to be reopened.

Some officials point out that more widespread testing has been done, while others say that new cases cannot reach the social distance of Americans.

Despite clear warnings from experts in the U.S., hundreds of presidents gathered on Saturday, Tulsa, Oklahoma for the first re-election campaign since President Donald Trump’s pandemic began.

Even though Tulsa County reported the highest number of new infections in one day on Saturday, a small number of masks were worn – the country reported a record for the fifth time this week.

The U.S. has recorded more than 2.2 million cases and at least 119,719 deaths so far Johns Hopkins University.

Where young people test positive

Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida Said saturday cases are “shifting radically” to populations in their 20s and 30s.

The younger groups who tested positively were mostly asymptomatic and did not require clinical intervention, the governor said.

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By adding that there is evidence of transfer among these young groups, we see that DeSantis was not only positive because they tested more, but also increasingly positive in the past week.

This increased test said that many people came back to the workforce as they did.

Worried about Florida’s climbing cases, experts said the state might be the next US coronavirus epicenter. On Saturday, Florida reported 4,049 new cases – most reported on a single day.

Health officials in South Carolina said Friday’s people under the age of 30 tested more positives for the virus. 18% of the state’s total cases come from people aged 21-30.

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“The increases we see serve as a warning that young adults and young people are not immune to Covid-19,” Brannon Traxler said. Said.State Health and Environmental Control Agency physician consultant. “They also say that younger South Carolinans do not take social distances seriously.”
And according to CNN affiliate, Georgia’s largest hospital also reported an increase in patients in their 20s and 30s WSB.

“It’s a somewhat disturbing trend, and it’s not just that they’re younger, but the potential to infect other people, especially their parents and grandparents.” station.

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Less than 7% social distance in a Texas county

Galveston County, Texas, Dr. Philip Keizer said CNN affiliated with local health department KPRC they were seeing too many infections in young people.

According to the news station, the age of people who test positive is even younger.

“The average age of people who were positive last week was 30, and the average age of people tested was 47.” Said.

And these figures did not comply with the guidance given by paramedics, who urged residents to maintain their distance and wear face coverings.

“There is data from some cell phone companies in Galveston County that show less than 7% of people,” Keizer said. Said.

Galveston County hosts approximately 342,139 people. US Census Bureau.

About half of states see an increase in new cases

According to Johns Hopkins University data, at least 23 countries in new cases are increasing compared to last week. Ten of these states reported a jump of more than 50%, including Texas and Florida, some of the first states to reopen.

California, the first state to implement comprehensive lockout measures, also sees an increase in cases.

Meanwhile, new cases in New York – the epicenter of the once epidemic – are decreasing. On Friday, Andrew Cuomo delivered his last coronavirus briefing after “111 days of hell”.

While some states reported a record number of new cases, and state leaders failed to meet face mask requirements, the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic was accelerating.

These are the states that require wearing masks while out of public

The organization’s chief executive, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said at a news conference Friday that more than 150,000 new virus cases, the chief executive of the organization, were reported on Thursday.

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The official said that almost half of these cases were reported from the American continent.

“The world is at a new and dangerous stage. Many people are clearly tired of being at home. Countries are understandably eager to open their communities and economies. But the virus is spreading rapidly, still fatal and most people are still sensitive,” he said.

CNN’s Melissa Alonso and Martin Savidge contributed to this report.

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