Australian state closes borders and orders lockdown as coronavirus cases increase

Seeing coronavirus cases have increased over the past week, the Australian state of Victoria is effectively moving away from the rest of the country.

Victoria officials announced today that they will close the border with the neighboring state of New South Wales, starting at local time tomorrow night.

State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said today that after a man in his 90s died from a coronavirus in a hospital in Victoria on Sunday, the state’s death rate increased to 21. There have been 105 coronavirus-related deaths across the country.

Crashes and mass test: On Saturday, Andrews put 3,000 people under “hard lock” to his nine housing estates in Melbourne. Residents will not be allowed to leave their homes for any reason and all will be tested.

Authorities said it provides residents with food and other essentials.

A total of 398 tests have been conducted in the towers, where 53 cases were positive so far. More audience tests detected 127 new cases across the state in Victoria on Sunday.

“If you’re going to literally test everyone, you’ll find more cases, that’s what we’re trying to achieve,” Andrews said. “When you are invited to an exam… the only answer must be yes.”

He added that his government was concerned about “many people (towers) with the underlying health conditions of this virus and” tragic consequences, however. “

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