Australian Qantas to cut at least 6,000 jobs due to coronavirus pandemic

Nearly 180,000 Americans will die from coronavirus by October 1, unless new projections begin to wear a mask for almost everyone.

The latest coronavirus projection from the University of Washington Health Metrics and Assessment Institute shows 179,106 deaths by October 1 if nothing changes.

However, if 95% of Americans started wearing masks publicly, that number would drop to 146,000.

The previous IHME prediction published on June 15 predicts 201,129 deaths by October 1. “California and other states have increased the number of cases in the past few weeks, but deaths have not been increasing at the same rate yet. Next week, ”said IHME director Christopher Murray on Wednesday.

“There is no doubt that the US is still struggling with a massive epidemic in a course that will begin in late August and intensify in September, even when the states are opening,” said Murray. “People need to know that wearing a mask can reduce the transmission of the virus by up to 50%, and those who refuse endanger their lives, their families, friends and communities.”

According to the June 12 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 74% of Americans across the country said they often or always wear masks. This number approached 90% in New York and Los Angeles.

“States reporting the age of the confirmed cases show that younger people are at greater risk of death than older people,” said Murray. “If this continues to appear in the next few weeks, and the contamination continues to increase, we may see increased infections in populations at risk.”

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