Australia: Sydney beach surrounded by giant waves

Big waves hit homes off Australia’s east coast on Saturday and engulfed Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.

Dangerous wave alerts have been issued for much of the coast of the state of New South Wales, with strong winds causing dangerous waves.

At a height of five meters in the video, tidal water rushes to the doorsteps of houses and on Avoca Beach, a 90-minute drive north of Sydney, spectators were fleeing the rising waters.

Peter Evans of New South Wales Emergency Services told AFP that crews were visiting several homes in the area where waves had entered properties, but that the situation was improving.

“We hope the worst is over and we don’t have tonight or tomorrow what we had this morning and tonight,” he said.

The waterfront at Bondi Beach in Sydney, April 2, 2022 (AFP – Muhammad Farooq)

He said clear weather has helped the teams, but even after months of heavy rains, water continues to seep into the catchment areas.

“Sea conditions are still very, very tough.”

The famous Bondi Beach in Sydney has vanished under waves crashing on a footbridge and raining down a nearby road.

The Meteorological Services have issued warnings for the entire weekend of dangerous waves and strong winds from the northern coast of New South Wales to the Victoria border.

Eastern Australia has experienced several extreme weather events in recent weeks, aided by the La Nia phenomenon and climate change.

Record bad weather and floods have killed at least 22 people since early February.

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