Attempt to fire the strong NY prosecutor seems to be the last move to protect Trump

Statement by Chief Prosecutor William Barr, by Geoffrey Berman of the US New York Southern District Attorney’s Office, renewed the debate over how much Barr influenced President Donald Trump’s interests rather than the nation. Berman’s office who refused to leave, Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani and launched an investigation to shareholders and also blamed the Turkish state firms taking part in a case defending the sanction Iran brought up with Erdogan, Trump Tayyip Turkey’s President Recep. .

The scores of the former Ministry of Justice officials urged Barr to quit a series of interventions specifically designed to benefit Trump politically. Berman’s refusal to go quietly led to a new crisis and government reckoning for an already inflicted administration, which was dealing with an epidemic, the resulting economic crisis, and a national race calculation.

The two sources told CNN’s Kevin Liptak that he has been considering removing President Berman for two years and believes that the investigation of Giuliani is an attempt to harm him politically. But dramatic events on Friday night wonder why Barr and Trump suddenly were so eager for a Trump donor, Berman, founded less than five months before being elected.

“I published a statement last night, I don’t have anything to add this morning. I’m just here to do my job,” Berman told reporters before entering his office in central New York on Saturday morning.

Basically, the chapter reveals how ready a President with the authoritarian impulses who constantly work to challenge the independence of the justice system and compel them to act for their own personal interests is to remain unpunished after the Senate. Acquittal by other members of the Republic on the charge of abuse of power and the blocking of Congress.

Mueller announces Trump is lying to him, reveals new unsealed report
In recent weeks, Barr ordered the removal of protesters from Lafayette Square in Washington, minutes before the President’s controversial photo operation at the church. His department launched the prosecution of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who acknowledged Trump was lying to the FBI twice, and tried to reduce the punishment of another important Trump partner, political repairman Roger Stone. A year ago, Barr may have saved Trump’s presidency by shaping a special attorney Robert Mueller’s report, forming an appropriate impression for Trump before anyone could read the report.

Meanwhile, the President encouraged the senior leadership of the FBI and the Ministry of Justice to point out political motivation. More recently he threatened to send regular troops to the streets to oppose anti-racist demonstrations. And he liquidated against general investigators who were independent guard officers in government offices.

The Berman debate came as soon as the President’s 2020 election campaign started high gear with a rally on Saturday night in Oklahoma, in front of a large crowd opposing Disease Control and Prevention Centers over the rooting of the epidemic disease.

The ‘Friday Night Massacre’?

The extraordinary events on Berman’s fate, the latest disturbing echo of former Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre”, ordered the then President’s chief prosecutor to expel private prosecutor Archibald Cox at the height of the Watergate scandal.

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Late Friday evening – the traditional dumping site for controversial news stories – Barr released a press release stating that Berman had suddenly resigned and never changed his place to Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Jay Clayton. public prosecutor.

Barr’s move was shocked that it was one of the most prestigious and independent prosecution tunnels of New York’s Southern District and often dealt with highly sensitive financial, politically sensitive and terrorist cases.

Trump captivates fate during the outbreak with Tulsa rally and national racial reckoning
SDNY’s investigation and conviction of the President’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and currently looking at Giuliani’s financial and commercial affairs led to a new scrutiny of Barr’s behavior and motivations, as well as the suspicion of immediate conflict of interest and political intervention. . In addition to intrigue, Giuliani was the best federal prosecutor in New York in the 1980s.

The New York federal prosecutor’s office is also working on a series of cases referred to by Mueller when he completed his investigation into whether the Trump campaign deliberately cooperated with Russia’s election intervention operation. In his case against Cohen, he described the President as “Individual-1” and said he was directing campaign finance crimes related to the payment of silencing to several women who said they had ties with Trump.

Berman’s dismissal attempt launched another clash in Washington, with an immediate hearing on Wednesday with the New York Democratic Parliament Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to testify on Berman.

“America is right to expect the worst of Bill Barr, who has repeatedly intervened in the judicial investigation on behalf of Trump,” Nadler said in a statement.

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CNN legal analyst Laura Coates said late Friday that she added another diary to the fire for people who burned about their problems with this chief prosecutor, if it “seemed to facilitate actions that would undermine compliance,” or go beyond any situation. and the morale and career prosecutors are not able to increase their ability to do their job or really contribute. “

Berman refuses to go

An even greater conflict erupted when Berman, with a striking move, refused to dismiss Barr from his decision at midnight and refuse to go, and had argued since he was technically appointed by an arbitral tribunal on an acting basis. Barr has no power to push him in 2018 and will continue to serve.
Who is the strong US lawyer Geoffrey Berman who refuses to withdraw?

“I learned from the Chief Prosecutor tonight that I was ‘stepping in’ as a United States Attorney in a press release. I did not resign, and I do not intend to resign from my position assigned by the United Judges.

“I will resign when a candidate appointed by the Presidency is approved by the Senate. Until then, our investigations will proceed without delay or without interruption.” Said. For New York’s Southern District, a new US Attorney has a chance to be verified before the election looks weak, and Berman is likely to have a legal battle during his tenure.

“I think the President will have great difficulty in dismissing Mr. Berman for coming under strange circumstances,” said CNN legal analyst Paul Callan.

Berman’s reference to these investigations was asking if he was talking about the general work of his episode, or any situation that could specifically concern Barr and Trump.

Federal judge rejects Trump administration's attempt to block Bolton book publication

His challenge left the next steps uncertain, but at least he spoke of the extraordinary chaos that arose in the Justice Department under Trump, which has intensified since Barr’s capture.

CNN reported increased tensions between Washington and Berman’s office, including some cases including the Turkish bank Halkbank’s indictment. In his new book, former national security adviser John Bolton said that Trump told the Turkish dictator that he would “look at things” when he replaced prosecutors in New York with his own people. However, the Ministry of Justice and Berman, sue He opposed the Turkish bank in October 2019.

The administration discussed replacing Berman with Ed O’Callaghan, a senior official last autumn, but said the move was suspended after sources have accused Guilian’s partners Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

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CNN’s Erica Orden, Evan Perez, Black Scannell and Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.

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