Attack in the background of Islamophobia?

The (as yet unproven) video of the attack on two masked women went viral on Twitter on Tuesday. In this video, we see a man physically assaulting two young women wearing black pants and red and black jackets. He allegedly grabbed his phone and tried to strangle one before throwing it on the ground. “We were on a bench, we were laughing, a man walks in and says ‘this is really the stupidest religion in the world’. We get up to ask him what he said and he’s ‘bitch,’ filthy Insults us with ‘caste’ and when we start filming, he grabs and strangles one of our girlfriends, testifies to one of the victims on the Decolonial News Twitter account.

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On getting information, police went to the spot. Even before his arrival, the alleged attacker had fled. No complaint has been filed by the victims so far. free food, Investigators are continuing their investigation to identify the perpetrator and determine whether it was an attack against a background of Islamophobia.

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Hughes Mouthaus, the prefect of Hérault, “strongly condemned this attack which would lead to the necessary legal consequences”. “Respect for others is a cornerstone of our democratic society,” he said.

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