Atomic Kitten makes musical return in 2022

While English football fans were completely blown away by the Euro 2020 final, music fans were especially blown away in the moment just before the final. “Last summer we got a glimpse of our past lives and we love it,” the Atomic Kitten ladies wrote on Instagram. ’15 years later, without rehearsals and as nervous as ever we climbed onto the stage in the middle of Trafalgar Square [in Londen],

That performance – watch the video below – has set fire with three women, it turns out: They can’t wait to make ‘New Memories’ in 2022. In other words, fans can trust the music. The new version of ‘Whole Again’ for men’s football is just a foreshadowing of what is to come.

fans will undoubtedly feel again ‘complete again’ With this wonderful news. Especially because it’s been a long time since Atomic Kitten released music. The peak of his popularity is from 2001 to 2004, after which he decided to leave it in 2008.

Then the group rumbles. In 2012 the reunion was initially canceled due to an argument between Keri Katona, who had previously left the group, and Jenny. Later that year he participated in the big reunion, a British show featuring old-fashioned pop groups working their way back. Kerry replaced Jenny because of her pregnancy.

He was eventually expelled from the group in November 2017 after he secretly performed under the name Atomic Kitten with new band member – Michelle Heaton. In the spring of 2020 it became clear what the formation now looks like: with Jenny, Liz and Natasha, exactly when they were at their most popular. This is a good sign for 2022.

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