Atletico and Real Sociedad will not be able to play in their Champions League and Europa League stadiums

The coronovirus and the British strain have been part of the home pitch factor in three of the Champions League knockout stages and in the first leg of the Europa League knockout stages. Restrictions on flights from the United Kingdom in Germany and Spain forcibly (these were extended by the Spanish government on Tuesday until 2 March), have been transferred from Leipzig-Liverpool to Budapest from 16 February, a city he also visited Borucio Mönchengladbach will host. Manchester City eight days later. Atletico-Chelsea will be played in the city to be scheduled on 23 February. Sources in the Rojkikonko club tell Warsaw and point to Bucharest, where the team was crowned Europa League Champions in 2012. The competition has also been influenced by the British version of Coronovirus as Real Sociedad has to travel from San Sebastian to Turin-Manchester. United on 18 February. In the same competition and on the same day, Molde-Hoffenheim will be at the La-Ceramica Stadium in Norway due to the high rate of infection affecting in Norway.

The away team’s goals will continue to decide the qualifying rounds in the event of a tie in the sum of the two results, but the clubs that had to look for alternative places are feeling unhappy. The lack of environmental heat from the stadiums on European nights due to the absence of spectators in the stands has already reduced the impact of the pitch factor for all participants, but now local teams forced by UEFA to find neutral grounds will have to displace. Guess the loss of wear and tear and the references that their football players use on their playgrounds.

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Atletico and Real Sociedad, realizing a loss, proposed that home and away matches be played on a neutral basis, but met with a refusal by UEFA. At the Rosijanco club, they reduce the inconvenience of traveling less than two hours a day before the match. “Concentrating players to leave from their homes is not the same as going to a hotel and tearing up a trip,” explained the Madrid team’s representatives. Leipzig coach Julian Nugelsmann also resigned in similar words to welcome Liverpool to his team’s trip to Budapest: “Not to travel and sleep in your bed and not in someone else’s bed.” There is another advantage that we are missing. We do not decide, we have to accept what has been arranged, “he said. Jürgen Klopp was in favor of the decision, but the German coach does not share the transfer of places is.

“We are trapped in bubbles that are hindering the spread of the virus, I have opened a lawyer for an exception,” said the England champions manager. The German government was the first to state that it would not give any exemption to allow entry of civilians from the islands. In Spain, the sanctions ended on 16 February, but the extension of the measure announced on Tuesday by the Spanish executive until 2 March forced Atletico and Real Sociedad to choose a city. Until they figured out the extension of the aforesaid sanctions, Madrid and San Sebastian institutions were expected to be able to play their home games in their stadium, although at the same time they were already working on the final scene.

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The epidemiological situation in the United Kingdom has worsened, due to the tension created there as the body governing European football has begun to operate in this new landscape, undermining the integrity of its competitions. Ten days ago, UEFA asked concerned clubs to start looking for alternative sites and set them as a deadline to communicate them on Tuesday, though Atletico has not yet made it public. Last season’s knockout round of the Champions League in Lisbon and the four German cities of the Europa League was already an economic setback for an organization already headed by Slovenian Alexander Seferin, which is yet to be decided. If Eurocup is the most profitable. The tournament will take place in the 12 places provided.

Euro 2020 Venue to be announced in April

The uncertainty arising from the development of coronovirus has led UEFA to postpone until April, with the final decision on whether Eurocup 2020 will be held at 12 planned locations including Bilbao this summer. First, the solution was to be announced in March, but the European body preferred to push the dates forward. The profit made by UEFA during the last European Championship held in France in 2016 was around one billion euros. This competition is the manna with which UEFA fills its coffers every four years and allows it to finance the development of football across the continent. Although last month the president of the organization, Slovenian Alexander Seferin, announced that 12 sites were currently maintained, it would develop an epidemic that would determine if there were any changes affecting the sites and what the public would ultimately be able to do. Participate. Russia’s option as the sole host has been considered in recent months. According to federal sources, the low incidence of epidemics, high vaccination rates and the infrastructure used for the 2018 World Cup serve as Russia’s only site. Among the unions, it is necessary to know as soon as possible what is expected to organize the logistics of their base camps. Spain planned to install him in Las Rosa if he eventually plays in Bilbao. Otherwise, he will seek accommodation abroad.

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