At the example of the United Kingdom, G7 seeks to educate 40 million young girls

Powers of G7 To support women’s education in developing countries, on Wednesday May 5, they are preparing to sign a collective agreement on girls’ education, totaling more than $ 15 billion over two years.

British government proposed “Gender equality at the heart of global cooperation for better collaboration After Kovid-19, report BBC. Leading the next meeting of G7 Held in Cornwall next month, the UK is leading the project for a collective agreement on girls’ education. It should be officially signed on Wednesday 5 May. This would include the other members of the group (France, Italy, Germany, Japan, the United States, Canada) as well as the European Union.

Under the $ 15 billion plan, the new objectives formulated by the powers-that-be should contribute to providing continued training to millions of young women in developing countries. Commitment is to convert “The fate not only of individuals but also of whole communities and nations” Assured the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

In rural areas, 60% of girls drop out of secondary school

According to the United Nations, women represent two-thirds of the 796 million illiterate people in the world. This organization increases this inequality of opportunities between the sexes and has increased from inequalities to 40% in cities since more than 60% of girls have dropped out of secondary school in rural areas.

While 90% of children in low-income countries were unable to read a simple text at the age of 10 before 2020, unions fear the epidemic has deepened inequalities, continuing BBC.

Within five years, 40 million girls in poor countries are expected to benefit from the commitment G7 To integrate education systems. The international convention provides support to businesses run by women or that help to guarantee their independence.

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BBC Note that this announcement comes at a time when the UK government is openly criticized by the United Nations Population Fund and many women’s rights organizations, To significantly reduce the level of its subsidies to developing countries.

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