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Lucy Martin makes no secret of it. He belongs to the category of epics. “I’m greedy. The worst things are inevitably the good things that make me crack,” she admits, all smiles. If it is not good in the eyes of sad souls, then it is an asset to him. Originally from Plomur, with 17 years in the service of international trade, he has formed his own company called “Les Pepites de Lucy”, based in Guidal. Their challenge: helping local producers broaden their horizons by selling their “licoriceries” outside of France. Its goal: delicious dishes.

with method

Lucy Martin proceeds methodically. Of course, some craftsmen contact him via the Internet. But, most of the time, it is she who visits them and offers to help. “The approach is important. By speaking verbally with the craftsman or manager of the SME, we understand how that works. We understand the added value it brings.” Every time she walks through a door, the welcome is warm. “Small local producers are often in ovens and mills. They would like to grow their business by turning to exports. But by definition, they don’t have the time and don’t know how to proceed. That’s when I step in. Am.”

Lucy Martin has a good address book, especially in Europe. Once contact is made, she withdraws and leaves it to the partners to do business as they see fit. “The human bond that can be created through the business relationship between the foreign grocer and the French manufacturer matters to me. These exchanges nurture lasting relationships based on shared values. They also make it possible to write a story about a product that the grocer enjoys telling their customers”.

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a box in his boot

La Plumeuroise, which has its office in Guidal, has no shortage of ideas. One of his discoveries is called “La Pepite Box”. It is shipped three times a year to all four corners of the world, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the United States … each time with new products: jams and honey, drinks, wines and spirits, chocolate and confectionery, canning On land and sea, cakes and biscuits, tea, coffee and herbal teas, pastries, aperitifs surrounding products, oils and spices… the recipients then make their purchases. The formula is a huge success. The last is to be credited to a grocer based in Valladolid, Spain. “He ordered me six products at once. I didn’t expect that much. selection of artisans, either”.


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