Astronomers have observed a star torn by a black hole and a “spaghetti”

For decades now, astronomers have been recording bursts of electromagnetic radiation from the vicinity of a black hole. Imagination emitted by the stars they burst. And for the first time, researchers announced today that they had seen a description of one of these “spaghetti” stars.

Most of Stars Experience the most natural ending. But which develop in their inner regions Galaxy Can shorten your life. When they get so close supermassive black hole, In fact, they actually risk being sliced. To finish in the shape of spaghetti. Is under the influence of Gravity The extremity that draws one side harder than the other. Astronomers talk about Tidal disintegration phenomenon (TDE), Understand “Breakdown by Impact” Feverยป

Once transformed into spaghetti, the star bursts forth and falls on a black hole. electromagnetic radiation . For many decades astronomers noticed. And today, for the first time, scientists from the Institute for Space Research in the Netherlands, in addition, saw the description of one of these “spaghettified” stars.

Absorption lines betray the star

They were interested in a supermassive black hole – about 5 x 104 public Solar – Approximately visible from our Earth through a pole. Researchers know thanks to this X-rayEmitted by Accretion disk .

But also because they were able to record the raysAbsorption Not narrow and wideDoppler effectAs if they would have been seen from the black hole side. And it is precisely these absorption lines that interest them. They actually deceive the presence of a physical object that not only emits, but also blocks light. These absorption lines show that a long strand – a long spaghetti – is wrapped around a black hole several times by a freshly torn star.

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