AstraZeneca Vaccine Suspension: How General Doctors Are Trying to Reassure

In the hour following the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Monday, a first email was already arriving in the mailbox of general practitioner Marie Razon in Paris. “Hello doctor, I have been vaccinated, I am worried. “Everyone will ask me questions,” he said. By that time, it was reassuring its immunized patients, relaying the status of infectious pathologists.

But after several European countries, France has halted its vaccination as a preventive measure, until a European opinion expects this Thursday, a result of reports of side effects. So doctors will pick up their phone to cancel the twenty appointments scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. “It’s frustrating and difficult from a psychological point of view,” she says. Even if we are told on Thursday that it is good, I do not propose this vaccine to myself again. Already he was attacked from all four sides, it would end the campaign completely. “

Wait for johnson and johnson

The reluctance was already numerous, with many patients now telling them they wanted to wait for Johnson & Johnson to arrive. “It leaves us without a solution for an entire region of the population. We will continue with Pfizer_BioNTech and Moderna, with which things are going well. “

Jean-Christophe Calmes, general practitioner at Frontinan (Herault), also had to cancel the planned sixty-two AstraZeneca vaccinations this week. “Doctors have to constantly adapt. This is a waste of time, because we have to remind people to reverse them to the authorities. In France, there has always been mistrust of vaccines. In the 1990s, an unfounded controversy erupted over the hepatitis B vaccine, alleging multiple sclerosis, “who is also the vice president of the MG France Union.”

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Video. The European Medicines Agency remains “strongly convinced” of the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Jean-Paul Cornobis, practitioner at Lille and secretary of the regional Union of Health Professions (URPS), liberal doctors from Huts-de-France, describes a similar situation. “I had to call back eleven patients to postpone my appointments the following week. They mourned because they had already got rid of the vaccine. They were horrified by figures in sheaves and transfers to Belgium. He tried to answer the misunderstanding.

“There is still a demand for vaccination”

“I had relatively few scientific arguments to confer with my patients on this very political decision, especially since we were warned at the last moment.» Jean Paul Cornobis gives a parable. ” – There are stranded co-workers who vaccinated while President Macron announced the suspension of AstraZeneca. Then he had to respond to patients’ concerns, it was difficult for him. “

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Kovid-19 update on pandemic

“Since the suspension of AstraZeneca, I get calls from people who are concerned about the administration of the second dose”, reports from Montpellier’s doctor Jean-Marc LaRuelle and France’s national secretary of doctors (FMF) . “Patients no longer want AstraZeneca but other products (Pfizer and Modern), which show mistrust, but also that there is still demand for vaccination.”

Jean-Christophe Callams poses sharp questions to patients by unprecedented media coverage of current vaccinations. “This is the first time the French have followed medical production so carefully. Informing about suspected cases of thrombosis is a game of health democracy, information is open to all, with no gray area. But Johnson & Johnson, which has a similar formula from AstraZeneca, can also be debated. “

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In Lille, Jean-Paul Cornobis is anxious for next week, where he will have to vaccinate twenty people with a product from the British-Swedish laboratory. “If the vaccine is made beautiful, I’m afraid that people will gamble and not come. This will depend on the clarity of communication with the authorities. “

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