AstraZeneca vaccine “completely acceptable”, assures a virologist

From today onwards, general practitioners will be able to administer AstraZeneca Vaccine. Some practices have received doses well. This vaccination campaign is also getting easier and faster. However, impatience has given way to a certain mistrust of this vaccine.

According to Mylène Ogliastro, vice president of the French Society of Virology and virologist at INRA-University of Montelier, the AstraZeneca vaccine is “still a good vaccine. This is a level of effectiveness of the order of vaccines we use. Rather extraordinary, it was the level of effectiveness that was achieved with the Modern and Pfizer vaccines “, before adding that” it is a perfectly acceptable vaccine “.

AstraZeneca benefits from vaccine Technology is different from other vaccines. Mylen Ogleistro explains that “these are viruses that roam in humans and have been modified, on the one hand, to bring this genetic material and other people between Coronovirus ‘spike’ immune protein ”.

An effective comment against the English version

According to Scottish health officials, this vaccine will be allowed 94% drop in hospitals in the UK. According to the virologist, this vaccine is effective against the English version, but “what is less clear is the effectiveness of this vaccine, and others. On South African and Brazilian variants “. Some studies that have been done exclusively in South Africa have not yet been completed.

Don’t have the AstraZeneca vaccine yet No more than 65 allowed, For lack of sufficient data. But in Scotland, scientists point out that this vaccine will still be effective for our elderly, as they are during the first vaccination. For Mylène Ogliastro, “we hadn’t heard anything because we lacked data”.

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Greater Side Effects in Young People

According to the virologist, you should not worry about the side effects “The purpose of a vaccine is to stimulate our immune system. We did not expect to see such significant effects (…), the symptoms and inflammatory reactions that go with it are “normal. These effects have been seen especially in young people because” being young, immune More robust than the reaction. An elderly person “.

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