AstraZeneca in the UK, which is not afraid of the Kovid vaccine –

CORRESPONDE In Great Britain in London, he received a shock of news coming from Europe about alleged adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine.“We have made it clear that it is both safe and effective – Boris Johnson spokesman said -. When people are asked to achieve it, they should do so with confidence. “

And the numbers are vindicating the government. They have already given the first dose to more than 23 million people in the UK, of which almost half, more than 11 million, have been treated with AstraZeneca – and have had no fatal reactions. MHRA, thanks to the “Yellow Card” system established by the British Regulatory Agency About medicines and health care 54 thousand cases of minor side effects After AstraZeneca Injection, Just Over Hundred allergic reactions Anaphylactic type. Were about 250 killed (Almost all of those receiving BioNotech / Pfizer supplements in time frame after administration) But this does not mean that the vaccine was the cause of death.

No deaths are directly attributable to vaccination. Mortality data predict thousands of deaths within a week of a single dose, for reasons that have nothing to do with the vaccine.. According to MHRA, “a review of individual reports and patterns does not prove that the vaccine played a role in death.”

According to Phil Bryan, head of the British Medicines Agency, News of thrombosis He said that is generally no more than what has happened in the population: “The available evidence does not confirm that the vaccine is the cause,” he said. And Stephen Evans, professor of pharmaco-epidemiology at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases, said that “reports of suspected adverse reactions to the vaccine involve enormous difficulty Incidentally penetrating a causal effect ».

In London, when you receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, you are also given an information sheet with possible side effects. “Very general” people, who occur in more than one in ten cases, are listed Fatigue, headache and muscle aches: And the anecdote confirms that this is what one usually passes within 24 hours; Among the “common” effects, which involve less than one in ten people, fever and vomiting are listed; Whereas among “unusual” people, ie those who affect less than one person in a hundred, they are cited Swollen lymph nodes, excessive sweating and abdominal pain. But none of the cases have actually envisaged serious reactions.

“When something bad happens after receiving the vaccination – he told Al times Adam Finn, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Bristol – it is natural to wonder if the vaccine is the cause. However, when a large number of people are vaccinated in a short period of time, There are many unexpected and unusual diseases in the period after vaccination. ‘ But there is no indication, he said, that thrombosis is occurring more often than usual in Britain, where so many people have been vaccinated. In short, while Europe is once again reeling in itself, London is moving on the road to get out of the epidemic.

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