ASM Claremont: Moala and Matsushima absent in Belfast, without vaccinations that pose a problem

Did Jorge Moala play his last match with ASM Clermont on Sunday against SAIL? With the adoption of the Vaccine Pass by Parliament later this week, questions arise.

Not vaccinated against COVID, Jorge Moala will soon not be able to combine by ASM. “Like all professional athletes, including foreigners and all people enter the enclosure open to the public,” said Sports Minister Roxana Maracinenu. George Moala will no longer be allowed to train.

Moala and Matsushima encouraged to get vaccinated

Kotaro Matsushima, who hasn’t even been vaccinated, is in the same condition

, But the Japanese full-back tested positive during the holidays. If he so desires, he gets the benefit of three months of relief before being able to update his vaccination passport. So Matsushima can continue playing in France until March.

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ASM Claremont: a new package and uncertainties for Belfast

Within the club the position of these two key players in the team is worrying. They are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. So far, to no avail. Now it has to be seen that if this situation persists, then what will be the move of the club at the administrative level.

layoff? Leave without pay? breach of contract ? Knowing that Moala is connected to ASM until June 2024 and to Matsushima the following June.

“It’s their choice. I respect them. But it’s punishable for the club”

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“There are some constraints in terms of labor law that we have to take into account”, agreed the club’s administrative director, Jean-Luc Loignon.

His teammates play on eggshells while discussing their situation. “It bothers me a little bit,” sighs Etienne Falgoux. “It’s their choice. I respect them. But it’s punishable for the club,” recognizes the Claremont column, however. Anyway, at some point they won’t have much choice.

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Their situation is likely to be really complicated. Especially for Jorge Moala who will now not only be able to practice his profession in France, but also cannot return to his home in New Zealand. For Matsushima, a non-vaccination would put an end to negotiations regarding a possible extension of his contract.

On Saturday, neither Moala nor Matsushima will be unable to combine in Belfast as the United Kingdom bans unvaccinated people from entering its territory.

The application of the law on vaccination passes was delayed for a few days following a referral to the Constitutional Council by La France Insoumes and the Socialist Party. Which brings some relief to Moala. premium

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Until then, both players had passed daily tests at their own expense, earning them their health passes.

A third player in the support group, Miles Amatocero, has not been vaccinated. But like Matsushima, the young man second in line recently had Covid and benefited from three months of respite. didier crosso

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