Asda workers won thousands of fans to help shopkeepers who could not afford food

An Asda employee has been praised after a customer responded that they could not pay for their item.

The shopkeeper was shut down just when they realized they had forgotten their debit card and there was no way to pay for it.

Alex, who appeared in the Manchester Evening News, offered to pay for the shopping himself instead of leaving the shop empty-handed.

Asadar explains in a post on his Facebook page: “A great thing has been done for our colleague Alex who went to help one of our Omag store customers who realized that he would forget his debit card when he paid for his shopping. The shop was closed.”

Buyers forgot their debit cards and could not pay for their products

“Instead of holding back the customer, the humble Alex went ahead and paid for the shopping himself.

“I just didn’t want to hold the customer,” Alex said. It was a very deep night, and I don’t want it to happen to anyone! “

Store manager Steven said: “This is an example of Alex going the extra mile for our customers.

“A lot of people wouldn’t believe that the person would come back for their products, but Alex did it the way he didn’t want to be stuck.

“He is a very caring member of our team and I think he has a very bright future here.”

Employees offered to pay for their shopping

Buyers were quick to appreciate Alex’s compassionate demeanor and the post has now gone viral with nearly 10,000 likes and over 300 shares and over 800 comments.

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Responding to this, a Facebook user wrote: “Well done this guy, hope you get your cash back! I often use Asda and find the staff there unbelievably helpful and enjoyable.”

“What a kind hearted person. It would be great to hear and hopefully he has come a long way in his career with Assad,” someone else said.

A third wrote: “Alex did a good job, you are one in a million. I really hope that Assad will respect what you have done. It is not often that people like you do such good and caring work.”

“What a beautiful gesture. Alex did a good job. It’s good to see that we still have some pious and caring people in this evil world. You’re a really great employee and Asada should be very proud of you for working for them. Well done.” Appreciated.

Another fan said: “Well done young man, you are a hero, or not many do. I pray the gentleman will come back?”

Evidence still exists in this world – you just have to look for it.

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