Ascent does not offer DLSS or ray tracing on Xbox Games Pass for PC, only on Steam

And climbing While Steam offers DLSS and NVIDIA ray tracing, these features are not compatible with Game Pass for PC. No worries, developer Neon Giant has confirmed that they are working on a fix to make it functional on this version.

As Eurogamer learns from us, Neon Giant responded to PC players of The Ascent via Twitter when they pointed out the differences between the versions, explaining that the development processes for the two are different. On Xbox Game Pass, DLSS is simply not present. Ray tracing is optional, but turning it on doesn’t matter.

“We are working with our partners to fix this as soon as possible! The development processes for the two versions are different, it is not enough to simply swap them in the store,” writes the Neon Giant. @ezekiele2517 . answer to

To @SR_Chep, Neon Giant clarified that “it is being studied, with the intention of fixing it and bringing parity with Steam for all.”

@srichrisby Also note that the Game Pass version “takes more than twice as long to load a level as the Steam version. Neon Giant thanks them for raising the issue and for working on the two versions to match”. Confirmed once again.

In any case, for The Ascent players on Xbox Serie X/S, the game is not ray tracing or DLSS compatible as these are PC only for cyberpunk RPG action – which does not prevent the game from being played. Be Basic Beautiful. .

The IGN France test not only lacked praise for The Ascent’s graphics and artistic direction, but also pointed to its gameplay shortcomings: “With too much indulgence, The Ascent deserves a little more attention than its ratings.” Tells the purpose. Especially if you’d love to be able to showcase the power of your PC or Xbox Series X to your less fortunate friends. It’s also possible that the game grows and refines itself over time.”

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