As soon as the hospitals got out of bed, the child with Kovid became seriously ill

One-year-old Alice fell seriously ill with Pete Covid just as her local hospital went out of bed (Photo: KFOR)

A one-year-old girl became seriously ill with cornavirus at the same time that her local hospitals contracted the disease. Alice Pete started running when she struggled to breathe and experienced 101 fevers as her oxygen levels began to drop.

He was taken to Stillwater Medical Center near his home in Parkinson, Oklahoma, on Monday and tested positive. But the staff there couldn’t give Todd a bed.

Her mother Beth Pete, who tested positive for Covid a few weeks before Alice: ‘I thought she was panting at her breakfast, but it was a really bad cough fit she was trying to joke, and she was trying to breathe.

‘They had stations in the hallways. They had screens in the hallway trying to keep patients’ privacy with them as if they were playing Tetris with hospital equipment. ‘

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Beth and Alice Pete

Alice, pictured with her mother Beth, had to walk 50 miles to the hospital, and is now recovering from covid (Photo: KFOR)

Stylwater Medical Center spokeswoman Shayla Eggers said staff had been planning the virus attack for months, but said they were still shocked by the sudden increase in cases: “Now we’re scared.”

Staff were able to get a bed for Alice 50 miles away at Oklahoma University Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City.

According to KFOR, the Steelwater Medical Center is still full for three days, with staff forcing offices to be converted into wards to try and treat patients.

Despite her fear of shortness of breath, Alice was able to overcome her covid symptoms and has since tested negative.

Beth Pete says Alice’s fears have frightened Kovid even more. It is so rare to see masks in Perkins.

‘There is nothing in groceries or restaurants. They think they won’t get it. ‘Oklahoma saw 161,000 covid cases and just over 1,500 people died.

A total of 11 in the United States. Millions of cases have been experienced and about 251,000 people have died.

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