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Gilbert and George, the British-Italian artist duo, are performing at the Sheeran in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt am Main L You are an old married couple with a joint company: Gilbert, from Northern Italy, and George, a true Englishman, have been personally and personally associated with artists for over five decades. A selection of his large-format photographs, which represent an optical fusion of Gothic cathedral window optics and pop art in simplified form, can be seen at the “Great Exhibition” at Shiren in Frankfurt. Gilbert and George have been part of the establishment in the international art world for over 30 years.

Nevertheless, the expression of the conservative artist couple has become a political issue. His interviews include thoughtful reflections on art, culture, religion and politics that ignore the mainstream. “What I love about Brexit is that people think what they really want for the first time,” George said of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, which he supported. “They call themselves liberal, but they are completely intolerant,” he said recently in an interview with “Pseudshoot Zeitung” when asked why he needed “the left as an enemy” . Since they are independent in every way, also because they have always loved the art trade, they can tolerate this opinion. It was always good at G&G that they never complicated it. In 2017, he told “Weltkunst” magazine how his creations are made: “As an artist, you don’t have to invent anything. You just have to open your eyes.”

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