Arsene Wenger: European Super League plan to destroy Premier League Football News

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the main reasons clubs on this continent are interested in establishing a new European Super League are because they cannot compete financially with their rivals in the Premier League.

Manchester United and Liverpool are in talks to create a new 6 6 billion breakaway tournament that will be for 18 clubs in Europe’s top five leagues.

Founding members said the tournament would run in 2022 and that Joseph Maria Bartomeu, who resigned as Barcelona president on Tuesday, said the La Liga club had already accepted an offer to join.

But FIFA Wenger, the world’s leading development watchdog, said the plans were aimed at undermining the “superiority” of the Premier League.

“The Premier League has a superiority, other leagues try to ruin the advantage that the Premier League has,” Wenger said.

“For them, the best thing to do is to create a European league, which basically destroys the Premier League.

“So if they get contracts from big English clubs it will happen.”

A Super League would see the top teams in Europe face each other more regularly, but Wenger said the real beneficiaries would be the club owners.

Wenger added, “We are in the period of investor owners.” Their first goal is to make more money. And the European Super League is a way, perhaps, to make more money. “

What we know about FIFA-backed plans for the Cross-Continental Super Tournament

The lucrative European Premier League leaked plans have driven the football world insane and left the game with a touch of generational change.

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Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks to build a new FIFA-backed tournament, which will cost 6 6 billion (জে 4.6 billion) by Wall Street bank JP Morgan.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham are said to have been approached as soon as the revolutionary proposal took shape, but do we know what it means for the future of the Premier League, the Champions League and football? Here is what we know so far.

European Premier League – Key points

  • Liverpool, Man Utd discuss joining new FIFA-backed tournament; Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Tottenham also came close
  • About five English clubs could sign up
  • More than a dozen teams from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain said they would be in talks
  • There will be 18 teams in the format, including home and end fixtures, for the regular European season
  • The top teams will play in the knock-out tournament
  • Temporary start date in early 2022
  • Wall Street Bank JPMorgan speaks for 4.b billion in funding
  • The tournament could capture the Champions League

Neville: European PL speaks obscenely

Gary Neville says the concept of the European Premier League is “another wound in football” and criticizes the timing of talks during the epidemic as “obscene”.

More than a dozen teams from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are in talks to become founding members of the competition, with financiers raising 6 6 billion (£ 4.6 billion) in funding packages to help create it.

Neville, who recently joined the eight-strong team to call for independent control of English football, spoke passionately about the need for reform and called for a fair distribution of football resources.

Gary Neville has called for action to address the lack of diversity at the boardroom level


Sky Sports’ Gary Neville says it is’ obscene ‘to talk about the European Premier League during the epidemic and there is danger’ football will eat itself ‘

He said Sky Sports News: “The big problem I have is that right now, in the midst of an epidemic and when football is on its knees at various levels – the FA, EFL clubs and non-league clubs are fighting – when the lower clubs are on the move to pay wages and survive. The 6 billion package is coming together to form a new league idea

“It’s another blow to football. I don’t think it’s the right time to talk about it. Time is probably not right for Manchester United or Liverpool at the moment, because they’re seen as big, bad words.

“I am committed to the advancement of football, including new competitions and new formats, but we need to look after the fabric of the game and what it means to the community in this country.

“Possibly for a new European league and an amazing Premier League, a fairly competitive EFL and funding grassroots and non-league football have a position. There is enough money.

“If they could pull billions of dollars together for the European League, they could pull together £ 150- £ 200m to save the rest of the football in this country.”

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