ARS. According to a U.S. director, “any person who has not been vaccinated will become infected with the delta variant”.

Are these words more exaggerated than worrying? Invited on the set of BFM TV, Director General of the regional health agency of Nouvel-Aquitaine, Benoit Aleboud, did not go there four ways, so that the French are still reluctant to vaccinate against the coronavirus. “What is happening in Landes will happen everywhere in France,” he said, referring to the Delat edition’s significant progress in this department that worries the authorities.

“No one will survive it. Anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated will be infected with the delta variant,” Benot Aleboud insisted, adding that it would be “even if they were already sick with a previous strain of the virus, because An additional dose of the vaccine is required. He said, “All international experience shows us this.” And to support his statements, the director of Ars Nouvelle-Aquitaine explained that if the vaccine does not necessarily prevent the virus from catching It protects against severe forms and reduces the risk of contamination to a person as against six for an unvaccinated person.

Benoit Alebodod persists and hints

However, these statements raise questions. Indeed, when Benot Alebodod confirms that a non-vaccinated person will transmit the virus to an average of six people, he is referring to “R0”. This “basic breeding number” applies without further restrictions or barrier gestures to a non-immune population, which is not the case in France.

asked by Parisian, Benoit Alleboud does not change the version of his “disturbing” speech. “To understand things, you have to say it clearly. But yes, maybe some people who live in a closed house or who are very careful, will not get infected. “. The latter notes that “many people don’t get vaccinated thinking they will survive the virus” and fear the arrival of a fourth wave.

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