Arrivals from the UK, Brazil and South Africa are restricted until mid-March

The Spanish government announced on Tuesday that restrictions on flights from the UK, Brazil and South Africa were extended until 16 March amid fears related to the coronovirus variant.

Like other countries, Spain postponed passenger arrivals at the end of December, which is more contagious, except for Spaniards and foreign residents in Spain due to the expansion of Spain’s Strain. On Tuesday, government spokesman Maria Jesús Montero stated that “Stay connected to as many contaminants as possibleVariants.

In early February, the government announced a strict limit on arrival, this time from Brazil and South Africa, as coronovirus variants have been detected in these two countries. Here again, only travelers coming from these two countries can enter Spain with Spanish or Andorran nationality or residing in Spain or Andorra. However, an exception has been made for transit passengers who are not allowed to leave the airport and cannot stay longer than 24 hours.

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