Around 4 out of 10 are willing to customize their holiday to Belgium…

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According to the 19th Holiday Barometer of Europe Assistance, in Belgium, 38 percent or about 4 in 10 people are ready to adopt their holiday mode to reduce their ecological footprint. In the summer of this year more Belgian are going on vacation, while the budget is falling slightly.


The survey was conducted by Ipsos with 10,000 Europeans from Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Portugal, as well as 2,000 non-Europeans from the US and Brazil. 1,000 people were interviewed in each country.

This year, the ecological footprint was added as a choice criterion for a holiday destination for the first time. To the question “Will you adjust your leisure mode to reduce your ecological footprint?”, 38 percent of Belgian travelers answered affirmatively. A commitment that increases to 46 per cent, or even 1 in 2, with a younger audience of 18 to 24 years of age.

The 2019 Holiday Barometer of European Assistance shows that 65 percent of Belgian people will travel this summer. This is an increase of three percentage points compared to 2018. The average family budget for a holiday falls by three percent, or a negligible 72 euros from 2,318 euros in 2018 to 2,242 euros in 2019. Dutch-speaking Belgium has an average budget of 2,164. Euros, while French-speaking Belgium stands at 2,320 euros. The inhabitants of Brussels are included in the French-speaking Belgian enumeration.

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