Army helicopter flies British peacekeepers ‘nearby’

A Malian army helicopter recently fired several rockets.nearThe number of British peacekeepers, British officials said on Tuesday, April 12, is an extraordinary event fueling questions about the future of UN missions in this country.

,We are informed of a recent incident in Mali in which rockets were fired by a Malian Armed Forces helicopter near a British contingent.A spokesman for the Defense Ministry said in a message to AFP.All UK personnel are safe and the circumstances of the incident are being investigated“, he added. The facts happened in the east of the country, near Gao, near Tacit.”A few weeks ago, UK peacekeepers were fired upon and the incident is being investigatedUN spokesman Stephane Dujarric confirmed in New York in response to questions during his daily press briefing.

,This is the event of 22 March“, he said, speaking”Malian Armed Forces helicopter fired shots in the Tasit area, near a Minusma detachment,There were no casualties, the peacekeepers were safe in every way“, he assured. When asked about the possible involvement of paramilitary forces in this incident from the Russian Wagner company, the spokesman said that he did not know. First incident, he said he cannot say.

“air access”

Bamako denied any presence of Wagner Group mercenaries on his soil, only “recognizing the aid of”.russian instructorYears in the application of the Bilateral Cooperation Agreement of the 1960s and is still underway. Last week, US Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Mills condemned an incident without citing Britain.not acceptable“Happened on 22 March in which there was a Malian helicopter”Six rockets fired at peacekeepers in East Malik,

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According to a diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity, Wagner paramilitary forces along with Malian forces may have been involved in the incident. The Malian army has been accused of massacre of hundreds of civilians in Moura (centre) in late March with the participation of alleged Wagner mercenaries. Bamako denied the massacre, claiming to have neutralized the jihadists. Malian authorities have announced the launch of an investigation. Russia congratulated Bamako on last weekend’s campaign to neutralize jihadists in Moura.

On Tuesday, Stephane Dujarric said a UN investigation into the Moura incidents was ongoing. ,The investigation should continue on the ground to establish the facts. In this regard, a team of Minusma is already stationed at Mopti and is ready.“As soon as the Malian authorities give in to Maura”air access to the areaThe spokesman said. The mandate of the Minusma mission, which includes about 14,000 soldiers and police, expires in June. Several military-contributing countries have undertook to review their participation in light of the latest developments in Mali The end of the French and European campaigns will deprive the blue helmets of precious air and medical aid and the United Nations is studying means to reduce it.

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